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By now most of you have been tuning into the new shows of American Pickers, Antique Archeology or Pawn Stars.  Whichever is your guilty pleasure, Hometown Pickers is all the shows wrapped into one.  We have been giving people like you CASH on the spot for their treasures long before TV land created the rave on these shows.  I bet if we would have gone to producers 33 years ago and pitched our "junk" business, they would have laughed.  So we are going to continue doing what we have been for many years and keep handing out CASH to our customers.

Whether you are moving, just don't want to deal with all the treasures in your grandfather’s estate or just have one item, call us and get CASH FAST.

With over 33 years of experience, Hometown Pickers has developed a well-earned reputation for offering our customers a fair price for their quality furnishings.  From entire households, grandpa’s outdoor shed or barn to accessories and more; we will always give you the best service at a price you deserve.

Our philosophy of delivering the best service affordably inspires everything we do. Together with our customer-first service, it's easy to see why Hometown Pickers is at the top of the list in your neighborhood.

Hometown Pickers
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